Facebook / Meta

Software Engineering Manager (2022 - now)

  • Support a team of 4 engineers to develop better configuration consumption experience.

  • Our mission is to enable Meta developers to easily consume configurations in any language efficiently, reliably, and consistently.

Software Engineer (2017 - 2022)

  • Built a team of 11 engineers from scratch to empower Meta developers to make safe configuration changes quickly and easily. Designed and shipped the change safety mechanism that it has become a part of the standard configuration deployment workflow.

  • Built tools and backend systems for authoring and distributing configs for all Meta products and services.


Software Engineer (2014 - 2017)

  • Designed and constructed a new distributed task queuing system from scratch that processes asynchronous jobs from Yelp's backend services. (AWS SQS, Apache Kafka)

  • Led the reformation of the config file deployment system to empower general developers to modify non-sensitive config parameters of all Yelp's services. (Bash, Git, Jenkins, Puppet)

  • Modernized backend services and implemented tools that enable developers to write efficient web and mobile API endpoints. (Docker, Swagger)

  • Created Undebt, a refactoring tool to facilitate new code adoption. Hackathon winner, #1 trending Python Github repo the week open-sourced.

  • Performed the vital task of releasing new Yelp's main code to production on bi-weekly basis for 1.5 years.

  • Evangelized planning poker to agile teams as a fun way to guide sprint planning and make accurate, consensus estimates. (JIRA, Agile planning)

  • Mentored newer engineers and student interns. Participated in engineer recruiting interviews.

Graduate Intern (2011 Summer / 2012 Summer)

  • Improved tensor computation speed by 2.5x in NWChem software with a new load-balancing algorithm. (C++, Fortran)

  • Published the results in 2013 Supercomputing Conference.