Pai-Wei Lai


Greetings, I'm Pai-Wei, and I'm happy to share a bit about myself with you. I come from the enchanting island of Penghu in Taiwan, and graduated from National Tsing Hua University, where I developed a love for technology that has guided me throughout my career.

As a Software Engineering Manager at Meta, I am passionate about cultivating a work environment that fosters collaboration, encourages individual growth, and deliver results. My unique blend of expertise in software engineering, infrastructure development, and team building enables me to drive success and inspire my team.

Whether I'm programming, fixing bugs, or tackling complex technical and interpersonal challenges, I approach every task with a deep sense of dedication and pride in my work. I'm a strong advocate for data-driven decision making, and I rely on metrics, dashboards, SLAs, and high-quality documentation.

In my free time, you can find me staying active through sports like basketball and swimming. I also love to play video games. I find that these activities help me maintain a healthy balance between work and play.

Before joining the Configuration team at Meta, I worked in Core Backend and Distributed Systems teams at Yelp, and I hold a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from The Ohio State University. I'm excited to continue growing as a professional and making a positive impact on the world of technology.